March 17, 2014

Disclaimers and Such

The following is probably unnecessary, but many of the things we do in life tend to be that way.

Just because the method I describe in this series works for me doesn’t mean it’ll work for everyone. There is a class of people who seem to think we know and understand a lot more about the human body and its biology than we actually do. Here’s the thing: if there were a weight loss strategy that worked equally well for everyone there’d be a lot fewer infomercials.

Most people accept that burning more calories than you take in leads to weight loss, but the details are where disagreements seem to happen. Also it’s pretty unhealthy to lose as much weight as I have as fast as I did this time and in the past. But to me being a giant tub of lard seems unhealthier.

Bacon Ninja’s Stop Being Such a Fat Fatty, Fatass Challenge

Week Five

Weight as of 3/10: 238.5
Goal for 3/17: 236.5
Weight as of 3/17: 235.2
Total loss: 19.8 lbs
Goal for 3/24 (adjusted): 233.2